What You Need to Become a Surrogate Mother

Do you want to be a surrogate mother? If so, there are a number of requirements you may have to fulfill. You should understand the requirements and other obligations that you will have to adhere to in the surrogate motherhood contract. These requirements vary from clinic to clinic. You should find out the requirements of the clinic where you want to offer surrogate mother services. Below are some common requirements.

i) Live responsibly
To be accepted as a surrogate mother, you must live responsibly. This means you should lead a healthy lifestyle devoid of drug or alcohol use. Some clinics do not allow anyone using any kind of drugs, including prescription pills without an OB's consent, to be a surrogate mother. The child you will be carrying in an important part of the process. Therefore, its wellbeing must be protected. Use of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to a complicated delivery.

ii) Be a non-smoker
When you sign up to be a surrogate mother or gestational carrier, you will not be allowed to smoke. There are a number of dangers that smoking can bring to an unborn child. For example, the baby may have low birth weight, be born prematurely or even worse, you may have a stillbirth. Smoking cuts off the oxygen to the body by narrowing the blood vessels in the umbilical cord.

iii) Normal BMI
Your BMI (body mass index) should also be normal i.e. it should be under 32. If the BMI is over 32, you are at a greater risk of developing diabetes. When you are diabetic, you will be putting the life of the unborn child at risk. Therefore, before you apply on becoming a surrogate mother, watch your weight. Make sure you are physically healthy. Engage in exercises and eat a balanced diet.

iv) No mental illness
You should also not have a history of mental illness. This is important as you will be required to schedule appointments and attend them. Apart from this, you will need to take proper medication at the right time. Other things that will be required of you include understanding the legal contract you will be entering with the couple whom you will be carrying the baby for. According to the contract, you are required to relinquish your rights to the baby on birth since you are not the biological parent but only a carrier.

The above are some requirements you may have to fulfill before being accepted as a surrogate mother.